Ryan Hanlen and Fawzi Soliman: BIM Co-ordination Technologies

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Welcome to my weekly update! Ryan Hanlen and Fawzi Soliman from MSJ McConnel Smith & Johnson came in for todays lecture.

Fazi giving his presentation

Fazi giving his presentation

Fawzi began his presentation on BIM progression, and how it is moving from 2D to 3D, which is really cool. The 3D gives modeling a whole new aspect and sense of reality which is awesome to watch develop. The 3D models are shown in a virtual walk around of a hospital project he is currently working on which I will link below. I was impressed with the amount of detail on the virtual walk around and how extensive the 3D modeling is. What professionals are able to do with the program is amazing. For example, you can mark out all of the services in a building in a 3D diagram and virtual diagram, making it really easy for the builder. This will dramatically reduce installation mistakes because subcontractors can see exactly what they have to do and how it should look in  ‘real life’. Here is a demo of BIM

Fawzi then went on to talk about communication with the client. Fawzi’s solution to communication with the client is a website called Aconex. Aconex allows clients, architects and builders to share drawings, plans, and concepts on one program. It is fast, up to date, allows access at anytime as well as live streaming. You can also remove layers off the drawing such as, services, steel, floors, concrete, roof, walls, shell etc, in order to see the shell of exactly what you are after. I would love to use this program one day.

Untitled.6pngRyan then took over and introduced two relatively new technologies:

  1. Point Cloud
  2. Laser survey

These are awesome, check out the links below.  Ryan also discussed how ipad, and iphone apps can now interact with GIS data. This amazing program would definitely benefit builders. For example, using the camera on an Ipad to look at a wall and be able to see through the it to where services run, same as underground services.  The city of Vancouver, Canada has already started using these augmented programs/systems to virtually plan its city’s layout and future.There is a massive

Example of augmented reality

Example of augmented reality

shift in the industry into this sort of technology for project developers. They can tap into this data in the early stages of planning and get beneficial information from it.

These technology developments will affect all jobs in the project management and building industry and will become an essential element to daily tasks. What is important, therefore, as Ryan touched on, is that only quality information goes into these programs in order for us to get quality information out. I believe that over time the accuracy of the information will increase, and we should therefore use them to their full potential. I look forward to what else technology will offer us as builders.

Example of laser surveying

Example of laser surveying


Link to Fawzi


Links to Ryan




Lecture related videos:

BIM demo


Point Cloud demo


Augmented reality demo


Some light reading:



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